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The Building Supplies SPECIALISTS Top of South

Farm Shed Plans

Choose your ITM farm shed building plans from gable or lean-to pole and rafter design, then tailor the plans to suit requirements and your budget. There is complete flexibility to add extra height, another or wider bays – whatever you like.

Talk to our trade sales staff and we’ll help you through the process of building a farm shed in Nelson, Motueka, Takaka, Havelock or Greymouth. Once the farm shed plans are approved, we’ll deliver materials on-site, ready for your builder. While we don’t build the farm shed for you, we can refer your shed plan to a number of loyal ITM builders who specialise in completing farm shed building projects for their clients.

The following schedule of standard farm shed plans is a great place to start from when thinking about your own shed needs. We’ve provided quick dimensions and sample farm shed plans to view on our site or print from file. Download our enquiry form to start the process or contact us and we’ll do that part for you.

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No:type:# of bays:bay width:bay depth:roof heights:M2:view/print plan:
1Lean To23.663.6-3.0m43.2Lean-To 2 Bay 3.6m x 6m
2LT34.563.6-3.0m81Lean-To 3 Bay 4.5m x 6m
3LT34.564.2-3.6m81Lean-To 3 Bay 4.5m x 6m
4LT34.593.9-3.0m121Lean-To-3 Bay 4.5m x 9m
5LT44.564.2-3.6m108Lean-To 4 Bay
6LT44.593.9-3.0m162Lean-To 4 Bay 9000
7LT34.563.6-3.0m135Lean To 5 Bay
8LT64.593.9-3.0m121Adobe PDF Document
9LT64.564.2-3.6m162Adobe PDF Document
17LT Encl.33.663.6-3.0m65
10Gable24.594.2-3.6m81Gable 2 Bay
11G34.894.2-3.6m129Gable 3 Bay
12G44.594.2-3.6m162Gable 4 Bay
13G54.593.6-3.0m202Gable 5 Bay
14G64.594.2-3.6m243Gable 6 Bay
15Barn23.510.54.6-3.0m5.1-4.0m73Amercian Barn

Farm Shed Terms & Conditions

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Farm Shed Information Sheet

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