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Motueka DOC Stoat Traps – Waterproofing solution

DOC Motueka are waterproofing their floating Stoat Traps by painting them with Holdfast BlackJack bituminous liquid waterproofing membrane. Field trials are underway in the Tasman National parks.

Boxes were joined using Holdfast 10-minute Gorilla Grip, flooded into joints and then receive three fast drying coats of Black Jack seal to waterproof. Foam is sealed inside to assist with floatation. The boxes will be used in river edges and estuary areas to control pests within the national parks. 

White paint on the top of the bait boxes will assist rangers locate their traps in the parks and around waterways. Standard bait boxes will also be coated with Blackjack and field tested, prior to upgrading and painting the approximately 20,000 standard land based stations around the country.  

Holdfast have provided technical support to ITM Motueka to arrive at the best long term solution for DOC, who will be using this floating platform nationwide once field trials conclude.

Finished floating platform waterproofed with Holdfasts Blackjack Bituminous Liquid Membrane DOC Stoat Floating Traps constructed from Ply and treated timbers
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