The Building Supplies SPECIALISTS Top of South
The Building Supplies SPECIALISTS Top of South

The Process

ITM Frame & Truss is Nelson’s largest independent prenail manufacture; we are highly regarded by the industry and our clients for our quality, experience and personal hands-on approach.

Design Consultation

We welcome designers, draughtsman and architects to send your Truss Producer Statement requests direct to the Frame & Truss Quotes office via our contacts page.

Builders and home owners can arrange a free consultation or discussion about your Frame & Truss requirements with your local ITM Building Centre in Nelson, Motueka, Takaka, or Havelock. ITM Trade Reps at each of our four stores can gather your requirements and frame and truss plans and submit to our quote/design teams.


When your frame and truss plan is approved by Council and the builder is ready for a start, we schedule work in the factory. The ITM Rep will ask you to confirm job details and if necessary request a site measure to ensure complete accuracy.


ITM Detailer

Once your job is confirmed the Factory Manager will contact the client/builder to confirm and finalise job details for your frame and truss. We want to ensure that the plan information and the site information are correct before we commence detailing the job for manufacture.

Our detailers then start the careful process of design using Pryda software. All Wall Frames & Roof Trusses are produced in the most effective way and ensure that the calculations for the roof and wall frames are within building code requirements. Once detailing of the frame and truss is complete it is sent back to the Factory Team for checking then the job is transferred to the computer automated saws where frame and truss production will begin.


An experienced manufacturing team select correct timbers and cut out the job before assembly occurs. Automation of the process ensures minimal wastage and faster completion of each job.

All frames and trusses are labelled to align with the detailed plans that will accompany the finished job to site making on site erection a simpler task for the builder. The finished product is wrapped in protective plastic to minimise weather damage until they are required on site. Appropriate fixings to assemble Frames & Trusses are supplied with each job.

Delivery & Follow-up

When you are ready to receive your Frames & Trusses on site, contact your local Trade Rep and this will be organised for you. We have our own fleet of  Hiab Trucks for this or we will contract another carrier for larger projects. Any charges for delivery or on site placement will be communicated to the client on your estimate.

If you have any queries regarding to your project or just simply want some advice, you can call anyone of the Precut Team or your ITM trade rep. If any technical issues occur on site with assembly contact the Factory Team who will investigate and rectify as required to keep your project running on time.