The Building Supplies SPECIALISTS Top of South
The Building Supplies SPECIALISTS Top of South

Our Experience & Projects

ITM Frame & Truss operated from their Nelson, Pascoe Street factory from 2000 – 2019. During 2019 a new purpose built factory was constructed for our operation at Lower Queen Street, Richmond. With 1,165m2 of laid out factory, two assembly lines and the latest Spida computerised machinery running two assembly lines we have plenty of capacity. A standard 200m2 house can be cut and assembled within a single day.

Our experience comes from within our own team of detailers, pricing and managers along with access to outsourced detailing skills and capacity.

ITM supplies Frame & Truss to independent builders, home owners, housing companies and have made some of Nelsons largest commercial timber framed construction projects. We can service any precut job throughout Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast with ITM stores servicing these regions.

Our Frames and Trusses are predominantly built in Douglas Fir produced from local companies and resources. Douglas Fir is naturally strong, stiff, stable and durable which makes it ideal for structural framing, and because it naturally resists moisture and decay it can be used in much of your home without any treatment.

FTMA Member

An FTMA Corporate Fabricator is an experienced corporate, company, professional body or partnership engaged in the manufacture of timber frames and trusses and components in New Zealand who subscribes and is fully committed to producing quality products conforming to the building code, regulations and applicable timber standards, and the FTMA Code of Practice.

Only FTMA Fabricators are authorised to display and use FTMA logo on their products and company documentation.

ITM Nelson is a member of FTMA and can give all home builders the reassurance that their frames and trusses are professionally made and compliant with local building codes.

NMIT Project – Douglas Fir Framing at Work

The NMIT Arts & Media Building is a first in a new generation of creative, sustainable, wooden structured multi storied buildings. It is the realisation of a national design competition, sponsored by both NMIT and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. MAF’s requirement was for a building that showcased construction in timber, was environmentally sound and demonstrates, educates and encourages the future use of timber in the design and construction of multi-level commercial buildings in New Zealand.

Timber is now a serious alternative to concrete and steel for multi-storey commercial buildings. It is sustainable, renewable, locally available, and requires less energy to manufacture than other building materials, like concrete and steel. It is lightweight, making for less crane time, pre-fabricated for faster erection, durable and provides a quality finish.

The design of beams, columns and floor systems are the equivalent of steel and concrete. Structural engineers achieved a ‘world first’ timber seismic design for this project, incorporating technology developed at the University of Canterbury. Using pairs of rocking timber walls, joined with energy dissipaters, the structure is able to absorb seismic energy and reduce building damage during an earthquake.

ITM Frame & Truss supplied the Douglas Fir framing for this project.